Sunday, September 6, 2009

E71 MAC Address

E71 supports Wifi. Hence, I use Wifi to access internet from E71 at home and office. It is fast and saves money as well as I have unlimited data plan.

To keep my Wifi access point safe and avoid misuse I have enabled MAC address filtering. I forgot that and when I tried to access net for the first time from my mobile I got error "Web: Gateway no reply". I initially thought it is due to some problem with the site or my ISP gateway. Later I realized that it is because of MAC address filtering rule at I added to my access point.

The question is how to find MAC address of your E71. The answer is key in following sequence on the homescreen:


I would encourage all to enable MAC address filtering to safeguard your homenetwork and keep hackers at bay.

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Silvester Norman said...

Already had a modem E71 and glad to tell it provides the best internet access and fast downloading.

Silvester Norman

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